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Black Market launching a brand new formula sometime soon

black market

After already treating its fans to another limited edition pre-workout flavor this week with the release of its Bombegranate AdreNOlyns and Fierce Tone. The underground brand Black Market, has revealed a little something else today that’s actually even more exciting.

Black Market has just confirmed that it has a brand new formula on the way, that looks to be coming in powder form. Being the pre-workout company that it is, we can only assume that Black Market’s next new release is going to keep its tradition going and be another pre-workout. The big question however is if that is the case, what kind of pre-workout is it going to be.

The underground company does already have five supplements in the competitive category with AdreNolyn Bulk, AdreNOlyn Cuts, Pump Cuts, Fierce Tone, and Black Market’s most recent release, Stim. We’re definitely interested in finding out what the brand has lined up, especially since it did once hold the #1 pre-workout title.

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