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Nitro-Tech Cafe a whey protein infused instant coffee

nitro-tech cafe

As well as unveiling its new BCAA powered coffee creamer Nitro-Tech Amino Boost today. Muscletech has also completely unveiled the other new Nitro-Tech it confirmed the name of last month with Nitro-Tech Cafe. Much like Amino Boost, the brand’s Cafe spin-off has turned out to be quite the surprise, as it’s not the cafe themed protein we were expecting.

Muscletech’s other upcoming Nitro-Tech is actually a protein infused coffee replacement. Nitro-Tech Cafe is a very interesting supplement designed as a gourmet instant coffee, with the added power of 10g of whey protein per serving. Some of the other numbers worth noting are its 2g of carbohydrates, 70mg of caffeine, and just 50 calories.

nitro-tech cafe

The most unique feature of Nitro-Tech Cafe is that it can be served both hot and cold. Heating whey protein isn’t something that’s been recommended in the past as it tends to take away its benefits. Muscletech however, has worked around this and uses a heat-stable whey concentrate in Nitro-Tech Cafe, allowing you to serve like you would your morning coffee.

Just like Amino Boost, Nitro-Tech Cafe is due to be released sometime soon, and will be available in just the one 1lb bag size packing the usual 30 servings.

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