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Magically clean your gym clothes on the go with the Paqsule bag


The Paqsule (pack-sul) bag is a new and extremely innovative product that just had its Kickstarter campaigned launched yesterday. While it may look like your typical on-the-go gym bag, it is far from it, as its point of difference sounds is indeed quite magical.

The big thing that separates the Paqsule from the typical gym bag is that it both stores your clothes as well as cleans them. As crazy as that sounds, that is what the bag has been designed to do. You simply zip it up, push a button on its end, and using chemical-free O3 and UV-C technology the Paqsule will deodorize and sanitize its contents.

The bag does of course need to be charged, which can be done through its micro USB port next to the cleaning-activation button. A full charge will get you 72 hours of cleaning, although the system does also allow you to use that power to charge something like your phone through a regular USB port.

To make the Paqsule even more advanced, you can actually control it with an app through iOS and Android devices that connect via Bluetooth. The app also gives you the ability to schedule cleans making it perfect for those of you that lift around the same time every day.

As magical as the Paqsule’s main feature sounds, the team behind it hasn’t just relied on that to attract interest. The product itself is a very well put together bag with a lot of other interesting extras to it.


The Paqsule has over 10 different pockets including a small one for your phone, a soft lined and padded laptop compartment, a space for your shoes, and a smaller pocket for all your essentials. It also comes with aluminum and magnetic handles, reinforced foam walls, and weather proof fabric and zippers.

If you’d like to get in on the Paqsule Kickstarter, even though it’s already well over its goal of $25,000, there are two ways you can do so. You can pre-order the bag for $229 if you’re one of the first 250, and it’ll ship out in June. If you’re not one of the first 250 you’re looking at $279 for the bag or $449 for two, with shipping instead taking place two months later in August.

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