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Introducing the small, but delicious French brand Snackfit


While we didn’t get to see anything entirely new when we stopped by this year’s Body Fitness expo over in Paris, we did get to meet a lot of interesting brands. One of those is a company called Snackfit, who makes some incredibly creative and extremely delicious supplements.

Just as you’d expect with a name like Snackfit, the French brand is mostly about snack size products. Its relatively large line-up is filled with a number of unique items such Protein Wafers, Almond Pralines, Protein Pancakes, and naturally sweetened dark chocolate.


We did get a chance to sample a few of Snackfit’s creations, and were nothing but impressed. The brand’s two standouts for us are its high protein Fit’Chips and its well-flavored protein powder, simply named Snackfit Protein.

The Fit’Chips are easily up there with the best on the market, right alongside our current favorite high protein chip from Got7. As for the protein powder that is also one of the best we’ve had, which mostly impressed with its new Caramel Popcorn flavor. The unique option is exactly what you’d expect caramel popcorn to taste like if it were packed with protein and in drinkable form.


Snackfit doesn’t unfortunately have its own website you can visit to get a closer look at its line, you’ll have to visitor its distributor’s site at Being a seemingly small brand, you’re probably not going to be seeing Snackfit in many places, but if you do come across it definitely give it a go.

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