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APS Nutrition introduces another color stacked Mesomorph flavor

snow cone mesomorph

APS Nutrition was the brand that took powder presentation to a whole new level when it launched the first ever color stacked supplement, with its Rocket Pop Mesomorph. The product came with layers of red, white, and blue powder, neatly stacked inside the tub. The brand then did the exact same thing for its Tutti Frutti Mesomorph, and now once again for another new flavor.

The latest from APS is a Snow Cone Mesomorph which doesn’t look like it’s as clearly stacked as Rocket Pop or Tutti Frutti, but it does have various colors to it. The flavor features a nice bright gradient, going from a purply blue at the bottom, into a red and orange, then topped with a peachy yellow.

The Snow Cone Mesomorph doesn’t appear to be available just yet, although the guys over at Same Day Supplements do have you covered. The online retailer already has the new flavor online for pre-order at $34.95, with shipping due to take place in one to two weeks time.

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