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Stim-X a more energized pre-workout alternative to Supernova


While Nutrabolics’ all-new pre-workout Stim-X wasn’t supposed to be released for another few weeks on Tuesday the 11th of April. The product has already arrived with the brand, so it has gone and done what you always want companies to do and that is launch the new supplement early.

Stim-X has now been completely unveiled and released, which means we can finally confirm what the pre-workout has been designed to do and what ingredients it relies on. The most important detail worth mentioning is that Stim-X is not replacing Supernova, the other entry Nutrabolics has in the pre-workout category.

Just as its title suggests, Stim-X has been put together as a more stimulant powered pre-workout, or at least more stimulating compared to Nutrabolics’ Supernova. It seems to promise a heavier hit of energy and more intense experience, as well as a few other benefits fans will recognize from Supernova such as maximum performance and muscle pumps.


The formula backing up Stim-X is a combination of six main ingredients and a small mix of four vitamins and minerals. The list of main ingredients actually features quite a few things from Supernova including 1.6g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 150mg each of theobromine and caffeine, and 50mg of citrus aurantium. The other two ingredients are both forms of arginine with half a gram of arginine AKG and 250mg of arginine HCl.

You can read more about the latest pre-workout from Nutrabolics on its website, where the brand does go into a bit more detail about what each of Stim-X’s ingredients has been included to do. Fans can look forward to seeing the supplement itself available on shelves soon, in five 30 serving flavors with Candy Blast, Iced Raspberry, Grape, Black Cherry Lime, and Fruit Punch.

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