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SuperHD Fire featuring separate servings for the morning and afternoon

superhd fire

Cellucor has just revealed another all-new supplement that’s going to be available for purchase very soon. The brand has already been quite busy this week, after details surfaced on two other entirely new products with the updated Beta BCAA, and the beta-alanine and creatine free pre-workout C4 Zero.

The latest confirmed upcoming supplement is called SuperHD Fire, which as you can tell by its name is another entry from Cellucor into the world of weight loss. The product comes beautifully packaged in a white box with an orange, dotted gradient design on the outside, with the capsules wrapped in pill packs on the inside.

SuperHD Fire is in fact quite a unique weight loss formula, as Cellucor has packed it with two types of capsules, with half for the morning and the other half for the afternoon. The morning servings have been designed to increase energy and thermogenesis, help with stress, and promote overall weight loss. The afternoon servings promote the same mix of effects as well as enhanced cognitive performance.

superhd fire

To back up all of its promises, Cellucor has filled SuperHD Fire with a rather simple combination of ingredients. The morning serving relies on a 446mg blend of ZumXR extended release caffeine, Sensoril ashwagandha, caffeine, and Capsimax cayenne. The afternoon serving packs an equally heavy blend of ingredients with a 485mg mix of the patented DygloFit dichrostachys glomerata, caffeine, Capsimax cayenne, and huperzine A.

Cellucor has also put together a stimulant free version of SuperHD Fire, which does have a few more differences than just no stimulants. The stimulant free morning formula has a 106mg lighter blend with rhodiola and BioPerine black pepper in place of ZumXR caffeine and regular caffeine. The afternoon formula is only 30mg lighter and has theanine and bacopa in place of caffeine.

superhd fire

Each box of SuperHD Fire both stimulant and stimulant free, comes with a total of 28 servings, meaning the supplement will last you a full four weeks. The stimulant version does also have a double size option with 56 servings, designed to last you eight weeks.

Cellucor’s new SuperHD Fire isn’t actually very far away from being released, in fact it is due to be available in less than one week’s time. The brand is aiming to release the product in the middle of next week on Wednesday.

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