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There are supplement names, then there’s Swole MFs’ line-up

swole mfs

As many creatively named products and brands as we’ve already seen, we do know there are still plenty more out there that we’ve yet to meet. Swole MFs is the latest interestingly named supplement company we’ve come across, that takes things even further with the names of its products.

While Swole MFs is a brand that we’ve only just run into, it has been around for some time and has quite the extensive line up of supplements. In total Swole MFs has six different products on the market, which cover most of the mainstream categories.

You have the “double fist” pre-workout Sizzurp available in four flavors, Orange, Red, Blue, and Purple Drank, the muscle builder Jacked MF and the fat burner Shredded MF. The stimulant free pre-workout Haterade, the BCAA formula Swole-Ass Branch Chains, and last but not least, the protein powder Some Type Of Whey.


The formulas behind all of Swole MFs uniquely named supplements also aren’t too bad, with a mixture of simple and hardcore. You have things like the Swole-Ass Branch Chains with a 9.2g blend of glutamine, BCAAs (8:1:1), and citrulline, the stimulant powered Sizzurp which features AMP citrate, and the muscle builder Jacked AF with a mix of epicatechin and green tea.

For more information on Swole MFs and its fairly comprehensive line-up, the best place to go seems to be Active Sports Distribution’s website. There you can find labels and details for each of the brand’s six products, as well as purchase any of them through the site’s store section.

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