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Testrol Gold ES gets added estrogen support for the same price as Testrol

testrol gold es

GAT Sports has now launched its new, highly advanced Testrol Gold ES, after relaunching the regular Testrol as Testrol Original last week. The release has finally confirmed what separates the brand’s sequel testosterone booster from the long running original.

As it turns out Testrol Gold ES has quite a bit in common with the regular version. Every ingredient in fact in Testrol Original is in the new Gold ES, although three features do have slightly different doses. Those three are avena sativa which is at 100mg instead of 500, as well as half the amount of ginkgo biloba and saw palmetto from 100 down to 50mg each.

testrol gold es

The small dose changes aren’t of course all GAT has done to make Testrol Gold ES the more advanced testosterone booster it’s being promoted as. The brand has also added two entirely new ingredients into the mix with 200mg of DIM (diindolylmethane) for estrogen balance, and 100mg of the branded shilajit extract PrimaVie for increased testosterone.

It is because of the two new ingredients in Testrol Gold ES, that GAT is promoting it as a highly advanced testosterone booster. The main difference between Testrol Original and Testrol Gold ES seems to be that Gold ES has added estrogen support, which is what the ES in its name stands for. It essentially makes it more of a complete testosterone formula, or at least more complete than the original.

testrol gold es

GAT has already made its new Testrol Gold ES available through its own website, where it has actually been priced exactly the same as Testrol Original. The brand has given the more advanced supplement a cost of $34.99, which is identical to the regular Testrol, and with the same amount of servings at 30.

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