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Testrol renamed to make room for the more advanced Testrol Gold ES

testrol gold es

GAT fans that frequently use their favorites brand’s long running testoterone booster Testrol, will notice soon that the supplement will be available in two versions. GAT appeats to be changing Testrol to Testrol Original, to make room for a new version is on the way called Testrol Gold ES.

We don’t yet know everything about the upcoming Testrol Gold ES, although GAT has revealed two ingredients in it that you won’t find in the original Testrol. Gold ES is apparently going to feature an unknown amount of DIM, as well as Primavie purified shilajit extract.

GAT is describing its new Testrol Gold ES as a highly advanced testosterone booster, making it sound like it has everything the original does plus the two new ingredients mentioned, DIM and Primavie shilajit. We can’t however confirm that’s the case until the Gold ES label is released, although it is still being promoted as a more advanced formula.

According to GAT Testrol Gold ES is going to be available through its website sometime over the next couple of weeks, and will start shipping to stores at the end of the month.

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