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Tyrant Supplements has a new Blue Pill label that makes a bit more sense

tyrant supplements

We recently shared a relatively new weight loss product called the Blue Pill from a company called Tyrant Supplements. The most interesting thing about the fat burner was that its formula wasn’t like anything we had ever seen before, in that its doses were incredibly light and odd.

For those that missed our previous post, the Blue Pill packs a combination of 60mg of creatine, just 5mg of caffeine, and two proprietary blends that didn’t list their ingredients. Tyrant Supplements has now actually sent us an updated label and said that there were a few issues with the original label design, that’s why its formula appeared to be so odd.

While the new label for the Blue Pill is quite different, it is still a very odd weight loss product. The most surprising change is that there are now new ingredients in the supplement, none of which were previously mentioned or a part of its two proprietary blends.

tyrant supplements

The two new ingredients on Tyrant Supplements’ updated Blue Pill label are 30mg of yohimbine and 35mg of 5-HTP. You then have its two proprietary blends that now list what’s in them with a 325mg blend of bitter leaf, chromium CLA blend, raspberry ketones, 7-keto, creatine, and caffeine, and an 110mg amino blend of taurine, glutamine, and arginine.

As mentioned, Tyrant Supplements’ label is better however it is still very strange. Its inclusion of creatine is something we haven’t seen in any other weight loss formula, with the same thing to be said about its 110mg of aminos. Both of those are at doses significantly smaller than most products, with creatine usually up around 5g and a blend of aminos weighing in at a few grams. The caffeine is also quite low at 5mg per serving, with your typical can of Coke packing a lot more.

Outside of the facts panel changes, there is something else we noticed that actually makes the Blue Pill one of the most expensive fat burners on the market. If you follow the supplement’s directions it says to take one pill a day for week 1, two a day for week 2, then three a day for week 3, and that you should use the product for a total of three months.

tyrant supplements

While that dosing doesn’t sound too odd if you get something like 120 capsules a bottle, that’s not the case with the Blue Pill. In total Tyrant Supplements’ fat burner packs 30 capsules and costs $50 a bottle, working out to $150 a month if you’re on three pills a day. The other odd thing is that in the product’s warning section it says to take it for a maximum of 60 days, which goes against the direction’s “continue for 3 months”.

If you’d like a closer look at Tyrant Supplements and its rather unique weight loss competitor the Blue Pill, visit The brand’s new label is also on there as well as a pre-order for a product coming soon called the Red Pill “for extreme athletes only”.

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