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7 more flavors coming soon for 4+ Nutrition’s Salty Sauce or Zero Syrup

4 plus zero syrup

As busy as 4+ Nutrition has been over the past few months, as mentioned recently when it teased the coming of another three entirely new supplements, it doesn’t look like the brand is slowing down. This week 4+ has confirmed that it has even more new releases coming soon, with more syrup and/or sauce flavors.

The Italian brand has dropped a teaser of seven mystery squeeze bottles, which are all going to be new flavors for either 4+ Nutrition’s low-calorie Salty Sauce or zero calorie Zero Syrup. Both of those do already have quite the number of options with 4 for Salty Sauce and 11 for Zero Syrup, so it will be interesting to see what new recipes the brand has come up with.

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