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Animal’s meal replacement Animal XL Meal about to be alpha tested

animal xl meal

Animal has just added another new item to the list of supplements it’s working on at the moment, after it was confirmed to have a protein bar on the way back at the Arnold. Now also on the brand’s list of products coming soon is another entirely new supplement called Animal XL Meal.

From what the brand is describing Animal XL Meal is going to be a very unique meal replacement formula, that people are going to be able to use to completely replace a typical whole food meal. Animal has also said that it is working on the product with its knowledgeable athlete Evan Centopani, so you know it’s going to be a well thought out formula.

Currently, Animal XL Meal is only at the beta testing stage, and is about to be run through Animal’s Alpha Testing Program. If you’d like to put your name forward to possibly be a part of the testing team and are 18 or over, the brand is asking that you send in an email to explaining why you’d like to be chosen as an alpha tester.

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