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Black Market Fit designed for anyone looking to enhance performance

black market fit

Black Market has just launched the entirely new supplement it teased late last month, which has in fact turned out to be another pre-workout competitor. The name of the product is Black Market Fit, which separates itself from all of the brand’s other pre-workouts by being more about performance.

Black Market Fit was originally designed for a CrossFit audience, although after testing it out the brand decided to make it for anyone interested in getting fitter. The original underground brand’s fifth pre-workout supplement promises to enhance peak performance, endurance, strength, and power.

black market fit

The all-new Black Market Fit has been packed full of performance ingredients with a total of five main features. You have 3.2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 3g of creatine monohydrate, 300mg of alpha GPC, 1.5g of betaine anhydrous, and 2g of the PeakO2 performance blend.

You can now order Black Market Fit direct through the brand’s own website in three CrossFit inspired flavors with Snatchberry, Wodermelon, and Juice Box. The price on it is a little bit higher than any of Black Market’s other pre-workouts at $64.99, making it the brand’s most expensive product available.

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