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C4 Zero just over 30% more expensive than C4 Original

c4 zero

One of the many new supplements Cellucor’s introduced over the past few weeks was C4 Zero, a pre-workout featuring a very similar formula to the regular C4 or what is now known as C4 Original. That new product has now been made available at Muscle & Strength, with its price coming as a bit of a surprise.

For those that missed our detailed post on C4 Zero, as mentioned it is a lot like the regular version just with two ingredient changes. Everything from C4 is in C4 Zero at the same dose, except beta-alanine and creatine nitrate, which have been swapped for 3g of citrulline malate and 2g of 2:1:1 BCAAs.

c4 zero

As for the rather surprising price it’s been introduced with at Muscle & Strength, the new C4 Zero is in fact quite a bit more expensive than C4 Original. Despite only being a couple of ingredients different and having the same amount of servings, C4 Zero costs a little over 30% extra.

Muscle & Strength currently has the beta-alanine and creatine free C4 Zero priced at $39.99, exactly $10 more than the regular version at $29.99. The retailer also actually has a sale on C4 Original at the moment making it almost half the price of C4 Zero, which is discounted to $22.50 when you buy two tubs.

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