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Upcoming Amino Juice looking like a simple BCAA formula but heavy on flavor

ctd amino juice

CTD Sports has unveiled an all-new supplement it has coming down the pipeline called Amino Juice. For now the brand has only released a preview of the product, but it does look like you get most of its details from it.

CTD Amino Juice is being promoted as a flavored BCAA formula, with its main ingredient at the usual 2:1:1 ratio. We have looked at the supplement preview pretty closely, and it does seem like BCAAs might be all that’s in Amino Juice, although we can’t of course 100% confirm that until we see its label.

One more thing worth pointing out about Amino Juice, is that CTD really seems to be pushing flavor for it. The product has only been pictured in the one Rainbow Punch flavor, which is quite creative and kind of suggests we’re in for a fairly different mix of options for this one.

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