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Dedicated reformulates Headshot with citrulline and AstraGin

dedicated headshot v2

Almost one month ago Dedicated Nutrition announced that it had put together a new formula for its concentrated energy formula Headshot. That new version has now been released, and with it has of course come confirmation of what’s been changed in the supplement.

Basically Dedicated has made three major changes to Headshot, one of them is the removal of an ingredient and the other two are added ingredients. The removal is something the brand had to do as agmatine has been banned in Europe, so the energy shot no longer features the original’s gram of agmatine per bottle.

The two new additions to Headshot are citrulline dosed at 1.25g per bottle or half a gram per serving, and AstraGin at 50mg per bottle or 13mg per serving. Everything else in the product is exactly the same, from its 300mg of caffeine to its half a gram of beta-alanine.

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