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GAT’s new Plant Protein mostly made up of brown rice and pea protein

gat plant protein

It was just last month that we saw GAT finally add to its Naturals Series with the powder superfood formula Sport Greens. That supplement then became available a week or so ago, and now it looks like the line is about to be added to again with confirmation of another GAT Naturals product.

The new supplement, details have come in on today is called Plant Protein, which as you could have probably guess is a protein powder made from all-natural protein sources.

Each serving of the upcoming GAT Plant Protein features 20g of protein from a blend of brown rice, pea, artichoke, quinoa, and coconut. The brand does in fact list the exact amounts of the last three protein sources on that list with 200mg of artichoke and 50mg each of quinoa and coconut, meaning the majority of the protein comes from brown rice and pea protein.

gat plant protein

The other macros making up Plant Protein’s servings are 5g of carbohydrates with 2g of that added sugar and 2g fiber, 2.5g of fat (1g saturated), and a total of 130 calories.

A few other highlights being promoted for GAT Plant Protein are that it’s gluten, soy, wheat, and dairy free, it apparently has no gritty texture, and is due to be released in two natural flavors with Vanilla and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

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