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Ghost unveils Fish Oil, its first basic type supplement

ghost fish oil

So far Ghost Supplements has only released relatively complex products with the likes of its pre-workout Legend, and its Stack3d Certified transparent protein, Ghost Whey. The bright and colorful brand has now unveiled its first basic type supplement with Ghost Fish Oil.

Like most of the brand’s products, Ghost Fish Oil doesn’t say too much on the front of its label, only that it is a full-spectrum fish oil and has 60 softgels per bottle. When you turn it around and look at its label you’ll see what Ghost means by full-spectrum, as the brand has really made it as different as it could.

ghost fish oil

Ghost Fish Oil is in fact quite a packed product, featuring a heavier than normal 1.25g of fish oil per softgel. The breakdown down of that is 990mg of omega-3s with 300mg of that DHA and 450mg of EPA, 90mg of omega-9s, 80mg of omega-6s, 14mg of omega-7s, and 1mg of omega-5s.

The availability of Ghost Fish Oil is currently said to be coming sometime soon, and if it’s like most of the brand’s other releases it will be available first at

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