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Goliath Gallon jug built for convenience and longevity

goliath gallon

Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms are always great places to find new and innovative products, some of which are even related to the fitness industry. Today we have exactly that, with another unique fitness related creation coming from Kickstarter called the Goliath Gallon.

At first glance, the Goliath Gallon looks like another gallon jug featuring an on-the-go handle, however like most crowdfunded products it does have a bit of a twist. The main highlight of the Goliath Gallon is that it can be unscrewed in the middle, creating a number of benefits.

goliath gallon

Firstly the opening point at half way allows you to clean the inside of the Goliath Gallon, rather than trying to force a scrubbing brush through the hole at the top. It also makes it significantly easier to throw any and all powder supplements in, as opposed to resorting to a funnel and once again, going through the top like with most jugs.

The team behind the Goliath Gallon hasn’t actually stopped at just the half way opening, as the convenient product does have a few other major features. The unique jug is made from BPA Free, double thick Tritan plastic, it can be thrown straight in the dishwasher, it is stain and odor resistant, and its leak-proof sealing rings are made from food grade silicone.

goliath gallon

Being introduced through Kickstarter, the Goliath Gallon is of course currently looking for backers. Like with most crowdfunded campaigns it has a number of options to choose with product options starting at $25 and going all the way up to $4,500.

For $25 you’ll get the one Goliath Gallon in your choice of Charcoal Black, Blue, or Pink. As you go up in price you’re simply looking at more jugs with $120 getting you 6, $349 for 10 with your own logo printed on them, and $1,499 getting you 50 custom printed Goliath Gallons.

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