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Inspired officially introduces its carbohydrate infused intra-workout

inspired endless

Just as it did with its last new supplement, Inspired Nutraceuticals has made its latest product available for pre-order, although it hasn’t revealed everything the formula behind it. The supplement that’s now up for pre-order is the one the brand confirmed the name of early last month, with Inspired Endless.

The brand’s new product is a carbohydrate infused intra-workout formula, designed to boost power, enhance hydration, and increase endurance. As mentioned Inspired has yet to reveal the full list of ingredients in its upcoming Endless, although it has confirmed the names of a handful of its features.

The few ingredients we know for sure are going to be in Inspired Endless include creatine, AstraGin, pink himalayan salt, Aquamin, which can be found in the brand’s BCAA. ActiGin, theobromine, and 5g of vegan BCAAs. The Endless carbohydrate dose has also been confirmed with a solid 30g, although we don’t know what kind of carbohydrates that is.

As mentioned earlier, Endless is now available for pre-order through Inspired’s official online store. There is of course a special pre-order promotion available with $20 off the packed intra-workout’s regular price of $59.99, taking it down to $39.99.

Those interested in securing themselves a tub of Inspired Endless currently have just the one 20 serving flavor to choose from in Strawberry Splash, with shipping of the supplement expected to start sometime next month.

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