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Save 20% per serving with Nutrabio’s new 5lb Muscle Matrix

muscle matrix

If you’re a fan of Nutrabio’s extremely transparent protein blend Muscle Matrix, up until now the supplement has been pretty short when it comes to size options. Ever since the product was introduced it’s only been available in just the one tub size, with a 30 serving 2lb.

Nutrabio has now put together something Muscle Matrix fans have no doubt been waiting for, with a more than double the size 5lb tub. The new option packs well over 70 servings of the whey isolate and micellar casein formula and comes in the same two flavors as the 2lb with Chocolate and Vanilla.

As always Nutrabio has immediately made its latest supplement available for purchase through its website for $79.99 a tub. That is twice the price of the 2lb for two and a half times as much, which makes the new 5lb exactly 20% cheaper per serving.

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