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Muscletech Cookie Review: Smooth doughy cookie packed with flavor

muscletech protein cookie review

Since Muscletech launched its Mission1 protein bar a year or so ago, there hasn’t been a edible release from the brand we haven’t liked. The brand’s Mission1 was not only a well put together product, but its candy bar style Nitro-Tech Crunch was also a hit with us. We’ve now got a review on Muscletech’s latest high protein snack, its soft baked Protein Cookie.

The first thing we have to mention with the Muscletech Protein Cookie, is that its macros are very different from your typical on-the-go protein bar. It’s a lot higher in carbohydrates, at least for us, with 18g of protein, 49g of carbohydrates, 9g of fat, and a total of 350 calories. If you can squeeze all of that into your diet you won’t be disappointed, as all three of the cookie’s flavors are fairly delicious.

Protein bar like consistency

Regardless of what flavor of the Muscletech Protein Cookie you try, there is one thing they all have in common. Their main cookie dough bodies are pretty much the same in terms of consistency, which can make the treat feel like a semi-doughy protein bar at times. Fortunately, the product has more to it than just the dough, with each flavor’s extra toppings and fillings being what makes it so delicious.

muscletech protein cookie review

Triple chocolate overload

While chocolate anything is usually our guaranteed favorite for any supplement, that’s not quite the case with Muscletech’s Triple Chocolate Protein Cookie. It is definitely delicious, but the thick consistency of the cookie, mixed with its chocolate body and topping, really make it a bit too chocolatey. It’s a rather picky complaint, however if you’re a fan of chocolate overload then you’ll probably enjoy it.

The other two Muscletech Protein Cookie flavors are in fact tie for first place in our minds. Both the Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Chip have very sweet hints to them that just seem to hit the spot, and easily fulfill any cravings you might have.

Sweet chocolate chunks

The dough of the Chocolate Chip cookie is somewhat typical, although since it’s topped with a good amount of chocolate and filled with quite a few sweet chocolate chips, it doesn’t have many dull moments. The combination of it all makes the Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie taste the most like the real thing or at least like a thicker type cookie.

muscletech protein cookie review

Streaks of peanut butter flavor

As for the Peanut Butter Chip Protein Cookie, much like the Chocolate Chip it has a solid balance of sweet peanut butter flavor and cookie dough, for an overall delicious taste. You could almost say the peanut butter is too much, as Muscletech has gone very heavy on this one, with the cookie packed full of peanut butter streaks that make sure no bite is without the flavor.

Review overview

While we may have a least favorite Muscletech Protein Cookie in Triple Chocolate, all three flavors are strong cookie competitors. As mentioned the consistency of the cookie does make it feel like a circular protein bar at times, however thanks to its title flavors it does end coming off as a fairly nice baked, high protein treat.

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