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Gaspari Nutrition has another protein powder coming called Myopure


Much like a few other brands here at the first ever Fitcon Expo, Gaspari Nutrition has revealed details of a supplement due to be released sometime later this year. The product is actually a new protein powder that uses part of a name that fans of the brand should be familiar with.

The title of the upcoming Gaspari supplement is Myopure, very similar of course to the brand’s long-running Myofusion. Myopure is however going to be a little bit different from Myofusion, as it is going to be a casein protein formula, as opposed to Myofusion which features a blend of whey, milk, and casein.

For those keeping track, this does mean Gaspari Nutrition now has a total of two new products fans can look forward to. The casein supplement Myopure is one, with the other being the stimulant powered fat burner Arson, originally confirmed by the brand at the beginning of the year.

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