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Nitro-Tech Protein Chips aren’t going to be available in the US

nitro-tech protein chips

Following the recent reveal of Muscletech’s next high protein snack, the Nitro-Tech Protein Crunch Chips, we’ve got all the answers about when and where the product is going to be available. Previously all we knew about the chips is that they’re going to pack between 10 to 11g of protein per bag and come in three different flavors.

Joining that list of information about the Nitro-Tech Protein Chips today is that the upcoming item isn’t actually something you’re going to be seeing in the US. Muscletech has confirmed that the high protein chips will be an international release for everywhere outside of North America, kind of like the brand’s Nitro-Tech Rapid-Mass and Zero-Carb.

As for when the Nitro-Tech Protein Chips are going to be released, they are still a while away from shelves. Muscletech itself has said we won’t be seeing them for at least another month or so, which puts the chips out and available somewhere between late May and the end of June.

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