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Muscletech set to take on the chip market with Nitro-Tech Protein Chips

nitro-tech chips

It wasn’t too long ago that Muscletech launched its rather delicious Protein Cookie, then a few months before that the brand dropped its candy bar style protein bar, Nitro-Tech Crunch. News has now come in that Muscletech is going to keep that protein snack theme going, and has introduced Nitro-Tech Protein Chips.

The latest item to be confirmed for Muscletech is exactly what it sounds like, a bag of high protein chips. The complete title of the upcoming product is Nitro-Tech Protein Crunch Chips, as according to its packaging the chips have maximum crunch and flavor.

While we do currently only have a preview of the new Nitro-Tech Protein Chips, the image released does reveal a few of the item’s macros. Depending on flavor, the chips are going to have between 10 to 11g of protein per bag, between zero and 1g of sugar, and a total of 108 or 110 calories.

For now only three flavors for the Nitro-Tech Protein Chips have been confirmed with Sea Salt & Vinegar, BBQ, and Nacho Cheese.

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