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NootropiMax reformulated for the UK and Europe with 2 new ingredients


Performax Labs recently released its first ever dedicated focus formula, with the capsule supplement NootropiMax. Before the product even turns one month old, the brand has already confirmed that it is coming soon to the UK and Europe although with a slightly different formula.

To make NootropiMax compliant for the area, Performax Labs has taken out two of its ingredients and replaced them with two different ones. The features that have been dropped from the supplement are Noopept and huperzine A, and the two that have been added in their place are euphoria longan and salvia officinalis extract at 300mg each per serving.


Despite having two different ingredients, the UK and European NootropiMax still promises a similar combination of effects including enhanced mood, focus, and memory. The reformulated product is in fact already on its way to the area and is expected to be available there within the month.

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