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Cellucor brings together a mix of test and weight loss for P6 Ripped

p6 ripped

Of all the supplements in Cellucor’s line-up, there are only really three that have been turned into full families of products. Those three are the pre-workout C4 of course, the SuperHD weight loss line, and the brand’s testosterone booster P6 which has now been joined by another testosterone formula.

Cellucor’s muscle building P6 family now consists of the original P6, the more intense P6 Extreme, P6 Chrome, the nighttime version P6 PM, and now the new P6 Ripped. As you could probably guess by its name, P6 Ripped brings together testosterone and an energy and fat burning blend, designed to increase strength, lean muscle, and enhance metabolism.

p6 ripped

In terms of ingredients, P6 Ripped packs four features for testosterone and four for weight loss. To take care of the former, Cellucor has included a 900mg blend KSM-66 ashwagandha, fenugreek, ovine placenta powder, and stinging nettle root. As for the fat burning, P6 Ripped has a 319mg blend of caffeine anhydrous, ZumXR caffeine as seen in the new SuperHD Fire, coleus forskohlii, and lastly Capsimax cayenne pepper.

The latest addition to Cellucor’s now rather large P6 family, is expected to only be available through the major retailer GNC. Seeing as it doesn’t appear to be available on the store’s site just yet, we don’t know how much P6 Ripped is going to cost, although we imagine it’d be along the lines of some of the other P6 supplements.

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