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‘Merica Labz protein is going to have real ‘Merican marshmallows

patriots whey

The rather fast growing ‘Merica Labz has revealed today that it does in fact have more than just two supplements in the works. For those that missed our last two posts on the brand, we confirmed that ‘Merica Labz is currently working on an amino called Merica Minos, and a testosterone booster called Liberty Ballz.

We now know that there is a third ‘Merica Labz product coming soon that will be a little more on the mainstream side. The supplement is a protein formula of some kind, which has been given the working title Patriot’s Whey. As you’d expect from the guys over at ‘Merica Labz, Patriot’s Whey does look like it’s going to be a bit different from your typical protein powder.

From what little information ‘Merica Labz has released, it looks like flavor is going to be the big attraction with Patriot’s Whey. The brand has previewed a beta sample of the protein confirming in its own words that it will have “REAL fucking MERICAN MARSHMALLOWS”.

Regardless of whether the real marshmallow feature is for just one flavor of Patriot’s Whey or more, we’re looking forward to seeing ‘Merica Labz finished product.

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