Meal replacement and creatine formula on the way from Redcon1

redcon1 mre

The fast growing supplement company Redcon1, is about to grow its line of products even more following its very recent addition of four new releases. In the past couple of months the brand has introduced Halo, Breach Ballistic, Silencer, and its latest effort, the GDA RPG.

Redcon1 has now dropped a preview of two more entirely new supplements it has coming soon called MRE and Tango. The former is being promoted as a whole food meal replacement formula, coming in at least one flavor with Blueberry Cobbler. We don’t know too much about its macros, however it is going to have quite the serving size as each 3.25kg tub packs 25 servings, working out to 130g a serving.

As for the other new Redcon1 product Tango, that is being promoted as a creatine infused recovery formula, very different of course from the brand’s recovery BCAA Breach. Both Redcon1 MRE and Tango are due to be launched sometime this month, meaning we’ll be seeing them within the next three weeks.

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