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catalyst grass fed whey is an online store that has a select range of supplements including its very own brand called Catalyst, which moving forward you can count on seeing updates on here at Stack3d. The brand isn’t exactly new or small, in fact it already has quite the line of products with a couple of different proteins and a variety of other mainstream category formulas.

In total Catalyst has seven supplements available which includes the intra and post-workout Recovery, the pre-workout Pre-Workout, the multivitamin Life, and the fat burners Shred and Sizzle. The brand also has a number of protein powders with Casein, and Catalyst’s flagship formula, Grass Fed Whey.

catalyst grass fed whey

As well as being a rare grass fed protein,’s major Catalyst attraction also has a few extra features a lot of other protein competitors don’t. The product is NSF Certified, so guaranteed to have no banned substances, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and a transparent protein ratio of 3:1 whey isolate to concentrate.

Catalyst Grass Fed Whey currently comes in three different flavors with Belgian Chocolate, Natural Vanilla, and the one that’s on sale at the moment for just $35 per 30 serving bag, West Coast Strawberry. To get in on that deal and find out more about the supplement as well as all of the brand’s others, visit

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