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Switch coming soon to Australia with a unique and complete line-up

switch nutrition

Most of the supplement companies we’ve seen from Australia are fairly mainstream, with great collections of products but nothing overly competitive with what we have here in the US. There are the odd few, but a strong international competitor isn’t something we’re used to seeing from the country.

A new company called Switch Nutrition is about to change our perception of Australian brands, as it is currently getting ready to release a range of well put together supplements. The upcoming Switch line-up features five products with the unique recovery formula Adrenal Switch, Amino Switch, Keto Switch, the pre-workout Power Switch, and Thermal Switch.

switch nutrition

All five of the Switch supplements are quite different, although its ketogenic formula, pre-workout, and recovery cocktail are probably the most interesting of the lot. Like most ketogenic products, the brand’s Keto Switch is powered by a dose of goBHB ketones with a heavy 10g per serving. It also features a gram each of taurine, leucine, Vana Sana branded MCTs, and half a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine.

The pre-workout Power Switch is already something we’re interested in trying as it does feature one of the most reliable and widely available stimulants on the market, DMHA. Switch hasn’t of course relied solely on that, loading up the supplement with a number of other ingredients such as 3g of citrulline malate at a 2:1 ratio providing 2g of l-citrulline, 320mg of caffeine, and 2g of beta-alanine.

The other interesting upcoming product from Switch is the unique recovery formula Adrenal Switch. The overall goal of this one is to switch off your stress and switch on your recovery, by combining adrenal support with muscle repair ingredients. Some of the biggest features in Adrenal Switch are ashwagandha, a gram each of leucine and glycine, 250mg of vitamin C, and theanine.

switch nutrition

The Switch Nutrition family is certainly an interesting one, not just because it has a few strong supplements, but because it has a wide variety of them. The brand has also confirmed that while it is located in Australia, right from launch it is going to have international shipping available.

One more thing worth mentioning that’s both brand and product related is that Switch is going to be making a pretty big effort with transparency. Like a lot of modern supplements, all of Switch’s releases are going to have 100% transparent labels and all of its batches are going to be lab tested with results posted online.

You can check out Switch’s official website at, where a few of its products are listed but with very little information at the moment. That will all change however sometime over the next couple of weeks, as the brand is planning on launching sometime in May.

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