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Train & Recover from 4+ combines 8:1:1 BCAAs with HBCD

4 plus train recover

4+ Nutrition usually sticks to fairly simple, essential type supplements, with fairly creative style snacks. From time to time it does put together complex formulas, which is what the Italian brand has for us this week.

The latest release to join 4+ Nutritions fast growing family is a product called Train & Recover. It has been designed to help endurance athletes and lifters perform and recover better, with a combination of amino acids and carbohydrates.

The formula behind 4+ Nutrition’s new Train & Recover is quite simple, with each 30g serving packing 23g of carbohydrates from highly branched cyclic dextrin. 5g of BCAAs at a leucine heavy 8:1:1 ratio, and lastly a 300mg blend of ribose and nucleotides.

As per usual, 4+ Nutrition has immediately made its latest creation available for purchase from its online Italian store. If you’re within the store’s shipping areas, you can now purchase Train & Recover at €30 for a full 20 serving tub in Icy Blue Raspberry, Raspberry Lemonade, and Bubble Melon.

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