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Aminogex Ultra featuring a heavy 7g of BCAAs, betaine, and MGG

Amiongex Ultra

VMI Sports has officially launched the new supplement it’s hyped over the past few weeks with the amino formula Aminogex Ultra. The latest product from the brand falls more into the complex side of amino formulas, as it includes a little more than just BCAAs.

Massive 7g of BCAAs

While it does have quite a few ingredients in it, the main feature in VMI’s new Aminogex Ultra is its BCAAs. The muscle building and recovery amino acids are dosed at a bigger than usual 7g per serving, although they are at the usual 2:1:1 ratio. The BCAAs in Aminogex are also the branded InstAminos from Compound Solutions.

Amiongex Ultra

As for the other features in Aminogex Ultra, you have 1.25g of betaine to enhance power and strength, as well as magnesium glycinate glutamine chelate (MGG) to further improve recovery.

Creative menu

Like a few of VMI Sports’ other supplements, it has put together quite the creative menu for Aminogex Ultra. Instead of going with a mix of traditional tastes like fruit punch and blue raspberry, Aminogex comes in Sweet Iced Tea, Tropical Mango, and Cherry Lime Italian Ice.

Anyone interested in picking up a bottle of VMI’s Aminogex Ultra can now do so through the brand’s online store. It’ll cost you $34.99 for 30 servings, with all three of its creative flavors currently in stock.

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