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Blackstone unveils its new stimulant fat burner King Cobra

Blackstone King Cobra

Back when Blackstone Labs teased its last new supplement release, we suspected the product might be a new version of its weight loss competitor Cobra 6P. Not just because the teaser hinted at a capsule formula, but because summer was right around the corner making it an ideal time to launch a new fat burner.

While we were wrong about Blackstone’s last teaser, it turns out we were just one supplement release too early. This week the brand has unveiled exactly what we thought its last new product was, with a new entry in the weight loss category called Blackstone King Cobra.

Only the name of the upcoming King Cobra and a short description have been revealed so far, with no mention of any of its ingredients. The supplement does, of course, describe itself as an intense, stimulant powered experience, similar to Blackstone’s other fat burners Cobra 6P and Cobra 6P Extreme.

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