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Blackstone King Cobra powered by the extreme stimulant DMAA

Blackstone King Cobra

Quickly following the confirmation of Blackstone Labs officially bringing back its Dust Extreme with DMAA, details have surfaced on one of the hardcore brand’s other three upcoming supplements. It is King Cobra that has had everything revealed, which brings together a powerful combination of intense stimulants and weight loss ingredients.

DMAA included

The biggest feature in Blackstone’s upcoming fat burner is the ingredient we suspected would be in the mix, the powerful stimulant DMAA that’s also in the returning Dust Extreme. The product does, of course, include a handful of other features, with more stimulants and as mentioned weight loss ingredients.

King Cobra ingredients

Starting from the top of the King Cobra label it has a 375mg blend of ilex guayusa, green tea, and theobroma supplying 200mg of caffeine, 45mg of EGCG, 25mg of theobromine, and theophyline. You then have 150mg of eria jarensis, a 100mg complex featuring Paradoxine grains of paradise, Capsimax capscium, and BioPerine black pepper.

Blackstone King Cobra

The last half of the Blackstone King Cobra label is made up of 50mg of erythropalum scandens, 45mg of the powerful DMAA, 42.5mg of citrus aurantium (25mg synephrine), and 22.5mg of yohimbe. The entire combination certainly looks like it’s going to keep the Blackstone fat burner reputation strong with an intense mix of energy, focus, and overall weight loss.

Servings and release

Each bottle of the upcoming Blackstone King Cobra has a total of 60 capsules, which is 60 servings, with the maximum recommended serving being one serving in the morning and one in the afternoon. It’ll basically last you the usual 30 days if you take the maximum of two servings a day right from the start.

Like the returning DMAA Dust Extreme, King Cobra is due to be released sometime shortly. The pre-workout is however expected to be available before the fat burner.

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