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Dedicated Gainz Review: Comfortable, complete, high-end gainer

Dedicated Gainz review

When it comes to weight gainers or mass proteins, it’s always best to look for something that fits your diet and nutrition. We go by the rule of a balance that matches the macros of our other meals for the day plus a few more carbohydrates, which is why we recently got in a bag of Dedicated Nutrition’s Gainz for review.

High quality ingredients

Gainz is certainly something you could consider a high-quality gainer, as it doesn’t rely on your common ingredients and sources to get its numbers up like maltodextrin, dextrose, or amino spiking. Each serving of the Dedicated supplement packs 30g of protein, 54g of carbohydrates, 15g of fat, and a total of 471 calories.

Regarding ingredients, Dedicated Gainz features a 50/50 blend of whey isolate and concentrate as its primary source of protein, raw coconut milk powder for fats, and highly branched cyclic dextrin for carbohydrates. The brand has also thrown in a few extras such as AstraGin and pterostilbene to enhance absorption, and betaine for better strength and performance.

Dedicated Gainz review

The reason we found the macros in Gainz so attractive is that they’re not over the top like most gainers. While we would’ve preferred more protein or a 1:1 ratio of protein to carbohydrates, it doesn’t take much to throw a scoop of another protein on top to get it where you want.

Meal like fullness

Outside of all the things you get on paper with Dedicated Gainz, it does have a few surprises when you’re taking it. The best thing we found with it is how full it makes you feel, which we blame on the coconut powder. While the flavor of Gainz we got is Chocolate, the amount of coconut you get in each scoop is significant enough to justify calling it chocolate coconut.

Dedicated Gainz review

You can see quite a few chunks of coconut by simply opening up Gainz and looking inside, and it is because of that you’ll find the product is somewhat filling. Despite having only 471 calories per serving, it’ll make you feel like you just finished a whole food meal, or at least more nourished than a sugary gainer with twice the calories.

The other highlight with Dedicated Gainz is that you do feel a lot more comfortable after drinking it post workout, as opposed to a lot of the other gainers that are out there. Whether it’s because it doesn’t rely on a hefty amount of dextrose or maltodextrin, Gainz just gives you that real meal like feeling, despite it being a shake. It won’t give your stomach too much trouble if you’ve had that issue with other gainers, with it feeling fairly easy for your body to digest.

Few downsides

The only downsides with Gainz we found were that as mentioned, we wished it had a little more protein, as while you can take two servings, that does also double everything else. The other downside is its mixability, although that’s the coconut powder at blame again. It does sit at the bottom if you drink your shake slow, with our simple solution being shaking it up continuously while you drink it.

Dedicated Gainz review

Officially a favorite gainer

After running and living with Dedicated Gainz for a good month, it’s definitely something we’ll be returning to in the future. It sits up there on our list of favorites gainers or complex post-workouts, as the high-end mix is comfortable, enjoyable, and is a great combination to give you what you need after your workout and have you feeling satisfied and strong.

While we did only run Gainz a serving at a time, as mentioned earlier that is based on the macros we were after. If you’re looking for something with more calories you can of course up the servings or scoops, with Dedicated making that relatively easy to do with 10g of protein and 18g of carbohydrates per scoop. The experience will likely be the same with a filling and satisifying shake.

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