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Evomuse adds a unique focus formula to its line called Clear Edge

clear edge

EvoMuse isn’t a brand we’ve posted about before here at Stack3d, however moving forward you can count on seeing plenty of updates from it. For those that haven’t come across it before, EvoMuse easily has one of the most creative and thought out supplement lines available.

Instead of being your typical pre-workout, amino, and protein brand, the EvoMuse family is made up of unique health formulas, nutrient optimizers, and much more. One of its standout products is the reputable Gut Health, an advanced probiotrophic digestive supplement that was recently reformulated to support gut inflammation and strengthen the digestive system’s mucous membrane to help prevent infection and illness.

While EvoMuse’s Gut Health is a one of a kind product, the reformulated version isn’t the brand’s latest release. EvoMuse has also put together a focus formula called Clear Edge, that is due to be available very soon. Like Gut Health it features a unique combination of ingredients including bacopa monnieri, nelumbo nucifera, and CDP-choline, and promises to speed up thought response, boost short-term memory, and maximize brain efficiency.

clear edge

You can find out more about EvoMuse and its entire line-up on its website at You can of course also purchase any of its supplements there, something the brand does make relatively easy to do. We say that as EvoMuse does offer quite a few bulk packs, for example, it has a year’s supply of Gut Health available that works out to only $10 a month.

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