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24K Review: Average energy and performance at a very high price

gamma labs 24k review

24K is the most recent supplement release from Gamma Labs, which is a transparent pre-workout that features a small dose of actual 24K gold flakes in each serving. The product seemed to attract a lot of attention, so we decided to purchase it directly from the brand and find out if it’s any good.

We should mention this review is based purely on actually using the supplement, not just an opinion based on its formula. We say that as Gamma Labs 24K does feature a few ingredients dosed a lot lower than we usually see. For example, it has betaine at half a gram whereas some of our favorites have anywhere from 2 to 4g, a very light 90mg of glycerol, and only a gram of creatine monohydrate which is 20% of the typical 5g dose.

Short lived rush

We were in fact quite surprised from the start with 24K, as after throwing it back for a workout it does bring on an eye-opening rush. You’ll feel it come over you somewhat suddenly, which provides your mind and body a feel-good dose of energy, that’s a combination of uplifting and ready to workout.

gamma labs 24k review

While that initial rush in 24K does feel pretty good, once you start working out you’ll find it won’t be around for long. It doesn’t completely fade away, although it does significantly lower the urgency of the energy, making the product feel more like an average pre-workout than it initially seemed.

Mild performance boost

Outside of 24K’s early hit then light fade, the supplement does seem to offer a good boost in natural endurance and performance. Despite the energy feeling very average from the middle to the end of your workout, you will find the product helps sustain a strong, consistent performance during intense sets, and ensure you have the power to lift at your best.

The endurance and performance benefits do unfortunately only shine during complex exercises at low to mid range reps. If you’re looking for a boost in high rep bicep curls or chest flies, 24K will leave you slightly disappointed. The effect isn’t anything like what you’ll get in performance powerhouses like Muscle Elements’ PreCre and Jim Stoppani’s Pre Jym, but it is noticeable when you’re lifting at a more exhausting level.

gamma labs 24k review

No focus or pump

There are two other effects we look for when reviewing pre-workout supplements other than energy and performance, and they are pump and focus. In Gamma Labs 24K we didn’t experience any sort of increase in either of those areas. That initial rush did have some drive feel to it, but nowhere near enough to say it’s something you can count on or undoubtedly notice.

Average and expensive

Overall Gamma Labs’ 24K is a very average, beginner style pre-workout, along the lines of Cellucor’s C4 Original and MAN Sports’ Block Buster. The difference with the brands behind those two supplements, however, is that they both have solutions for people who want a more intense experience, whereas 24K is Gamma’s only pre-workout. Cellucor has C4 Extreme Energy and the powerful C4 Ultimate, and MAN Sports has the highly rated Game Day and PepTEST Bulk.

The other thing about 24K is that it is an average pre-workout with a pretty high price tag and not something we’d purchase again now knowing you don’t get your money’s worth. The product cost us $70, which is almost 50% more expensive than our #1 rated pre-workout DVST8 White Cut, and around twice the price of a few of our other favorites such as CT Fletcher’s Sidewalk Kraka and Sparta Kraken. Any of those are also significantly better than 24K, even at half their maximum dose.

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