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Ghost’s Secret Stuff to be the first yield transparent creatine

Ghost Secret Stuff

Back in February Ghost confirmed that it was working on a creatine supplement that has now progressed through to the beta testing stage. In true Ghost fashion, the brand has put together a handful of brightly colored, standout beta bottles of its creatine formula currently being referred to as Ghost’s Secret Stuff.

While we don’t have all of the details on the upcoming product just yet, we do have enough to give you an idea of what the supplement is all about. As mentioned Ghost’s Secret Stuff is a creatine formula, so it does feature creatine at 5g per serving coming from a mix of creatine monohydrate and creatine HCl.

Ghost has also said that like with all of its other supplements it is going to be taking transparency to another level. Ghost’s Secret Stuff is apparently set to be the first ever creatine to list its full yield on its facts panel. It’ll be a lot like Ghost Whey where it says 14.53g of whey isolate which provides 12.5g of actual protein, however with Secret Stuff it will, of course, be creatine.

Ghost Secret Stuff

Despite creatine being a significant feature in Ghost’s Secret Stuff, it isn’t the only ingredient in the mix. Also confirmed for the product is a full dose of epicatechin at 200mg per serving, an ingredient commonly promoted with a lot of benefits such as support for muscle growth, strength building, and endurance.

The wait is now on for the full reveal of Ghost’s Secret Stuff as that isn’t obviously going to be its official name, and the creatine and epicatechin actually only make up half of its formula. As for its release, the brand is saying the strength and muscle building supplement will be out sometime next month, meaning it is between two to six weeks away from being available.

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