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Inspired’s all-natural, pasture-fed, whey isolate ISO-PF has arrived

inspired iso-pf

After a lot of teasing and hype, Inspired Nutraceuticals has unveiled its first ever protein powder competitor Inspired ISO-PF. While we had heard the name several times before, today is different as we’ve finally got a look at the supplement as well as details on its formula.

As previously confirmed, Inspired ISO-PF is a pasture-fed, 100% whey isolate protein formula. It also has absolutely no hormones, gluten, or antibiotics, a promise of no amino spiking, and is a naturally flavored protein that’s sweetened with stevia.

inspired iso-pf

For those interested in the macros of Inspired ISO-PF, each of its 30 servings packs 24g of protein, as mentioned, all coming from pasture-fed whey isolate. 3g of carbohydrates with a gram of that sugar, zero fat, and a low-calorie total of 116.

To go with Inspired’s complete unveiling of ISO-PF today, the top rated brand has also made the protein powder available for pre-order. To secure yourself a 30 serving tub, head on over to Inspired’s Stack3d Pro page at in the North Hall, and you’ll find a link to pre-order ISO-PF for $44.99 in any of its three cereal inspired flavors.

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