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JBN’s New Zealand whey formula Buff gets a $40 price for just under 1lb

jbn buff protein

The very natural supplement company Just Be Natural has just introduced an all-new product that’s joined its already rather large list of protein powders. The new release is called JBN Buff which separates itself from all of the brand’s other proteins by being a New Zealand sourced, gluten-free, ultrafiltered, grass fed whey formula.

Each serving of JBN Buff provides 16g of protein from a mix of New Zealand whey concentrate and whey isolate, 2g of carbohydrates with half of that sugar and half fiber, 1.5g of fat (1g saturated), for a total of 90 calories.

jbn buff protein

To separate Buff even further from any of JBN’s other protein competitors, the brand has packaged it in a stylish, clean looking clear tub. It has also only given it one flavor to choose from with a natural Unflavored option, making it easy to mix with smoothies and other flavored supplements.

We can’t seem to find the new JBN Buff on the brand’s website, although it is now in stock and available for purchase at Amazon. Like with most New Zealand whey products, Buff does come at a much higher price than your typical whey protein at $39.78 for a small nearly 1lb, 422g tub.

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