Muscletech more than doubling its Lab Series sometime this summer

May 18th, 2017
Muslcetech Lab Series

Muscletech has confirmed that its two product Lab Series, which was originally introduced at the beginning of last year as a exclusive. Is finally about to get some attention with a handful of all-new supplements.

At the moment the line consists of the same two products it launched with, the protein powder Whey Advanced and the post-workout After Build. It has now revealed that sometime this summer the Muscletech Lab Series is going to more than double in size.

The brand has said that the current two Lab Series supplements are due to be joined by another three and that one of the two originals is getting revamped. Our guess is that it’s the post-workout After Build that’s getting the update, with the new products likely belonging to three other mainstream categories such as pre-workout, weight loss, and maybe testosterone.

With summer only a month away, it won’t be long before we get more information on the new Muscletech Lab Series supplements as well as the availability of them all.

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