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Myprotein adds another 3 to its growing Organic Raw Naturals Range

myprotein organic

This year Myprotein already almost doubled the size of its Organic Raw Naturals Range, by adding eight new items to it. Just over three months later the major European brand is now back with more additions to the line-up, introducing another three natural, whole food ingredient supplements.

The new additions to Myprotein’s one and a half-year-old line are Organic Alfalfa Powder, Coated Pumpkin Seeds, and Pumpkin Seed Flour, all coming in 300g bags. The price does, of course, vary from product to product at with Alfalfa at £6.99, and £10.99 for the Pumpkin Seed Flour.

The Coated Pumpkin Seeds are the most expensive at £12.99, although unlike the other two, they do have extra options with four flavors to choose from in Spiced and, Dark, White, and Milk Chocolate.

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