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Myprotein possibly teasing TheWhey for the UK market

Myprotein TheWhey

Myprotein has just released a teaser video for an all-new supplement it has coming coming soon to its main UK line of products. While the small clip doesn’t completely unveil the item, we are fairly confident we know what it is the brand has up its sleeve.

The teaser video Myprotein has released is actually very similar, if not identical to the one it used for the build-up and launch of TheWhey exclusively for the US, from earlier this year. To further suggest it is TheWhey that the brand plans on introducing, it is also saying “We’re setting a new standard.” just as it did with its US TheWhey launch.

For those that aren’t familiar MyProtein’s TheWhey, it is a blend protein powder made up of three different sources in whey isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate. It also features Digezyme and Aminogen, a “blend of enzymes that break proteins into their amino acids before being digested”.

While the product Myprotein is teasing could turn out to be something entirely different from TheWhey, that is where our current guess lies. We will, however, find out exactly what it is later this week as the brand plans on officially introducing the mystery item in a few days time on Friday the 26th.

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