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New Myprotein Vitality Series designed for the active man of any age

myprotein vitality series

Myprotein has launched an all-new line of supplements today called the Myprotein Vitality Series. The new collection of products has been designed for the active man, with five items to help keep your body in shape no matter your age.

The supplements making up the Myprotein Vitality Series include the vitamin and mineral powder Complete Vitality, and the protein powder Muscle Vitality, which features creatine monohydrate and uses hydrolyzed collagen as its primary source of protein.

myprotein vitality series

The remaining three Myprotein Vitality products are the caffeinated mineral formula Active Vitality, the bone health supplement Bone Vitality, and the fish oil and monacolin k combination Cardio Vitality.

The prices on all of the every day, Myprotein Vitality products are all pretty cost-effective, with Complete and Muscle Vitality at £15 each, Cardio Vitality at £20, and Bone and Active Vitality the cheapest at £9 each. You can also purchase all five in the Vitality Collection stack, which will save you just ver 20% at £54.

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