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CeraGen brain health and anti-aging formula now available at Tiger Fitness

per vitam ceragen

CeraGen is a new supplement from a company called Per Vitam, that’s just arrived at the major retailer Tiger Fitness. It is being promoted as a breakthrough formula promising a very interesting combination of effects backed by an equally large list of studies.

The promises CeraGen from Per Vitam makes include improved memory, learning, and general cognitive function, cellular brain health, and protection against axonal degeneration from aging. CeraGen may also improve muscular endurance and thermogenesis, and promote a healthy metabolism and skin.

While the list effects for CeraGen is quite impressive, the formula behind it is pretty straightforward. The product actually features just three ingredients with 15mg of vitamin C, and the two more important inclusions, 200mg of Cera-Q branded silk protein hydrolysate and 250mg of Niagen nicotinamide riboside.

For more information on the Per Vitam supplement, Tiger Fitness has a couple of full on posts on its website going over the two main ingredients in CeraGen, one on Cera-Q and one on Niagen.

You can now purchase Per Vitam CeraGen from Tiger Fitness in a variety of ways with an individual option as well as bulk packs. The price on a single 30 serving bottle is $49.99, or if you’d like to run the product for longer you can go as big as a 12 bottle pack at $450, which works out to $37.50 a bottle.

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