Performance Panties all about comfort, quality, and style

performance panties

Of all the brand’s exhibiting at this week’s Stack3d Pro Supplement Expo, there is only one that’s not a supplement company. That brand is Performance Panties, a clothing company that doesn’t exactly have your usual tees, tanks, and joggers.

Performance Panties is a Canadian company that makes high-quality panties for sports performance. The brand’s unique product is comfortable, breathable, and made from hypoallergenic, sustainably sourced bamboo fiber. The Performance Panties line includes a boxer briefs style for men and typical panties style for women.

The men’s option comes in five uniquely named colorways with 50 Shades (black/red), It’s Not Pink (coral/black), Once You Go Black (black), Pants Party (aqua/black), and The Mountie (red/white). For women, there are four colorways available, also all uniquely named with Date Night (black/white), Caribbean Vacation (turquoise/black), High Tea (purple/black), and Slumber Party (pink/white).

The prices on either of the Performance Panties products are fairly reasonable for the quality with the men’s at $27.99 a pair and women’s $15.99. If however, you head to the brand’s page in the East Hall at the Stack3d Pro, you’ll get an exclusive discount code that’ll save you 20%.

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