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Quest Hero Review: Strong candy style competitor with hits and misses

Quest Hero Review

The Hero Bar is Quest’s candy style protein bar, a little more along the lines of ProSupp’s MyBar and Grenade’s Carb Killa compared to the traditional Quest Bar. We decided to pick up a handful of each of the Quest Hero’s three flavors to see how they stack up against the competition.

For those after a quick introduction to the Quest Hero Bar, as mentioned it is a candy style protein bar with between (depending on flavor) 16 to 17g of protein, 4g of net carbohydrates, 10 to 11g of fiber, and between 170 to 200 calories. It also uses the sugar allulose, which according to Quest 100% passes through your body without being metabolized and has less than half a calorie per gram.

Blueberry without blueberry

We’ll start our Quest Hero review with our least favorite flavor, that we actually expected to be the best. The Blueberry Cobbler is the most disappointing of the lot, purely because we found it to be more cinnamon than anything else.

Quest Hero Review

When you bite into the bar there is almost no blueberry flavor whatsoever, in fact the only time we were able to pick up on it was when we ate just its top gooey layer. Even then it’s a very light amount of blueberry.

The bar is enjoyable, as all of the Quest Hero flavors have a nice mix of a crunchy middle, gooey top, and hard coating. The Blueberry Cobbler is only disappointing because it doesn’t taste like blueberry.

Delicious Chocolate Caramel

The next flavor in our Quest Hero review is Chocolate Caramel Pecan, which is significantly better than the blueberry. Its outer layer is a delicious dose of chocolate, then you have its sweet, gooey level of caramel, and lastly, a nut brownie middle, with pecans adding to the consistency but nothing in terms of adding to the flavor.

Quest Hero Review

The chocolate outside isn’t as good as some of the other chocolate candy style bars out there like the previously mentioned Carb Killa and MyBar. However, Chocolate Caramel Pecan’s various layers make it more of an adventure regarding taste and mixability of consistencies.

Best vanilla available

Surprisingly our favorite Quest Hero flavor is Vanilla Caramel, as there aren’t really too many vanilla bars out there done well. Quest’s attempt packs a strong base vanilla flavor that does feature a bit of caramel as its title suggests, but it is the vanilla flavor that stands out the most.

Quest Hero Review

The Vanilla Caramel Quest Hero has a very sweet milky, honey like vanilla taste to it, with the caramel being subtle but still noticeable. The two tastes in the bar compliment one another, making for one of the best vanilla protein bars we’ve ever had.

Strong candy style competitor

Overall the Quest Hero Bar is a lot better than we expected. It is a solid competitor for the candy style side of the protein bar market, bringing a different mix of consistency and flavor. The big question though is does it top any of the more established products in the category such as our two favorites mentioned earlier, Carb Killa and MyBar.

While the Quest Hero Bar is good, it doesn’t come close to either of our favorites. Its consistency and flavor are enjoyable, although its flavors aren’t quite as realistic and candy-like as Grenade’s many Carb Killas. The Vanilla Caramel flavor does give it some hope as there aren’t any great vanilla bars out there. However, we’d still pick any of the Carb Killas or ProSupps’ MyBars over the Quest Hero.

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