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Rule One unveils two stackable basics, R1 Energy and R1 Pump

R1 Energy R1 Pump

Details on a couple of new, relatively basic supplements have come in today from the guys over at Rule One Proteins. The names of the products are R1 Energy+ and R1 Pump, with the former being a lot like Controlled Labs’ simple energy additive STIMino, and R1 Pump being a similarly basic, but stimulant free pump supplement.

While we haven’t got a look at the facts panels of R1 Energy or R1 Pump, the two new Rule One products do list their key ingredients on the front of their bottles.

As mentioned R1 Energy is a fairly simple energy formula with its serving highlights being 1.5g of regular l-citrulline, 100mg of caffeine, 25mg of TeaCrine theacrine, and 400mg of beta-alanine. It is worth pointing out that R1 Energy does say 400g of beta-alanine on its label, although we can assume that is a mistake as that is heavier than the whole tub.

As for Rule One’s other basic supplement, the pump formula R1 Pump, that one also promotes 1.5g of l-citrulline per serving. As well as a gram each of HydroMax glycerol and arginine AKG.

Both new Rule One products are expected to be released sometime soon, with both packing the same amount of servings per tub at 30. They also both come in at least one flavor option with Unflavored, making it very easy to stack the two with other supplements for extra energy with R1 Energy and extra pump with R1 Pump.

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